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both have their own context in terms of the publications they appeared in, the audiences that would have read them, and the Australian programs they discuss. They also have an intellectual history in terms of the sources of the ideas within the work of the Archives Division with particular reference to the contributions of other staff members to those ideas. 4 Much of this context will be ignored in this chapter which is directed towards chipping away at the discourse Maclean’s articles represent, with a view to finding the continuum within but never explicitly pulled together.

I kept pressing forward as I saw my teammates red jerseys get farther and farther away, until they were gone. When I finally got the courage to look behind me, I didn see anyone there either. I was a one man Hawaiian wolfpack, on a bike, hoping I find the correct turn before I circled the whole island.

Forget all the clich and quotes from players trying to say the right thing actions always speak louder than words, and Saturday the Blue Bombers made a statement with their play. They’re not done. They haven’t quit. Unfortunately you could never fit us in. Now I appeal on behalf of the Revival Alliance We can fit in with you in this date wise. If you come we will organise a rally.

Women can now play in men’s senior football games in Auckland but men can’t play in women’s matches.Even whole teams of women can play in the men’s competition, although the federation is insisting the squad would have to be listed by name and checked off.But no blokes in the sheilas’ leagues.ray bans sale There is also no mention made of rules covering swapping jerseys after the matches or shower etiquette.In a note to clubs and footballers this week, the federation’s Steven Upfold, says: “Up until now it would appear it has been generally accepted that men can’t play in women’s competitions and women can’t play in men’s competitions but that stance has never been embodied in regulations.”Please note that under the amended regulations, women may still be allowed to play in men’s football under certain circumstances. Men may not play in women’s football.”Before anyone starts hunting for the phone number of the Human Rights Commission, the World Cup in South Africa should be considered.Some alleged men playing there have been feigning injury, pirouetting and gracefully collapsing as if they were the dying swan of Swan Lake, as portrayed by the Bolshoi Ballet.

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